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Community Share- Bake & Take: Pies

 Hello Bakers! In honor of Pi Day, we're hosting our first official Bake & Take.  What is a Bake & Take? Step #1 Bake something scrumptious. This month: Pies Step #2 Take a photo of your masterpiece and link in the comment section.   Step #3 Sit back, while the foodie community salivates over your… Continue reading Community Share- Bake & Take: Pies


What dessert are you making for Thanksgiving?

Decisions! Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I have yet to decide on what I'm making for dessert. So, I'm tempting myself with my options. Single layer? Lots of layers? Ice Cream? Or, Ice Cream Cake? Warm and dreamy? Cool and creamy? Chocolate fluffed? Chocolate stuffed? Chocolate covered? Chocolate Smothered?   After viewing… Continue reading What dessert are you making for Thanksgiving?