Chocolate Humor

You put WHAT in my chocolate cake?

You want the best cake. The moistest cake. The healthiest cake. I get that. I really do. Bring out the chocolate flavor with a dash of espresso powder? Sure. I can handle that. How about adding a dollop of sour cream? Maybe. Make it moister with mayonnaise? That's where things cross the line for me.… Continue reading You put WHAT in my chocolate cake?


Poll: What’s the Best M&M’s Crunchy Flavor?

Hi Chocolate Fans! This past spring, M&M's introduced a trio of new "Crunchy" flavors. Mint, Raspberry, Espresso   The catch? Only one flavor will continue, based on the results of a public vote. Although official voting is now closed, ( you can vote for fun here), I wanted to know your thoughts...after all, you all… Continue reading Poll: What’s the Best M&M’s Crunchy Flavor?


When should you tip?

  If you're a chocoholic, chances are you frequent bakeries, donut shops, and coffee houses. More and more, counters are adorned with tip jars and cash register screens prompt your tip preference. These standard practices have stirred up some debate. So, I want to know from you, fellow coffee guzzlers and chocolate consumers- When should… Continue reading When should you tip?