31 Days of Chocolate: Oct.13th-Thirteen Chocolates

October 13th: Snuggle up with a chocolate mystery, eat 13 chocolates  It's the perfect time of year to snuggle up in a blanket with a good mystery...and eat chocolates. My personal recommendation, ahem, Thirteen Chocolates. The mystery is set up like a whodunit, with 13 suspects. This is where the chocolates come in. Every chapter… Continue reading 31 Days of Chocolate: Oct.13th-Thirteen Chocolates

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So much chocolate…But, what’s your preference?

Happy May, everyone! May I take an opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your readership. Those of you who have stuck with me through a couple of years of sweet adventures, and those who are here for the first time, I appreciate you being here. Today, we're talking about you. Whether you're… Continue reading So much chocolate…But, what’s your preference?


Tis the Season for a Chocolate Mystery🎁

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Just wanted to announce that Thirteen Chocolates is now available in paperback in the Amazon store.🍫 For a limited time, buy the paperback, and get the ebook for free. Great gift idea for someone on your list, ....or for yourself. (Personally, I'm always looking for an excuse to take a… Continue reading Tis the Season for a Chocolate Mystery🎁


Free Book TODAY- Reviewers Wanted😊

✏️Diary of a writer: Dream, write, rewrite, sleep, can't sleep, edit, scratch everything, rewrite, repeat. The process of writing a novel can take months, or in my case, years.😐 So, in that time, irrational expectations may have grown.   Expectations of a published writer: Reality of a published writer:   Lol! Perhaps, a bit of… Continue reading Free Book TODAY- Reviewers Wanted😊


Get Thirteen Chocolates mystery for Free TODAY!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pass on an extraordinary deal I found today... Groupon is offering a Free 60-day subscription to Kindle Unlimited (19.98 value).   So, why am I SO excited about a coupon? As many of you know, I just released my mystery, Thirteen Chocolates . And as luck would have it; it's… Continue reading Get Thirteen Chocolates mystery for Free TODAY!!

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Thirteen Chocolates

  Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share the news... I've published my long awaited whodunit novel, THIRTEEN CHOCOLATES, the first in The Chandler's Chocolate Box Mystery Series. The novel has been described as "Agatha Christie meets Willy Wonka". Set up in classic whodunit style, readers are invited to play along, as thirteen eccentric personalities gather… Continue reading Thirteen Chocolates

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Thirteen Chocolates

  Thirteen Chocolates is available on Amazon. Thirteen chocolates. Thirteen heirs. One stab at a decadent fortune. Legendary chocolatier, Ulysses Chandler has died, leaving his historic Smoky mountain mansion and world-famous chocolate factory behind. Single mom, Anna Clementine, has left her minimum-wage waitress job to collect an inheritance from a man she never met. The… Continue reading Thirteen Chocolates


5 Binge-Worthy Whodunit Television Series

I'm always on the lookout for a captivating mystery television series. I've certainly watched my fair share of Thrillers, Police Procedural, Detective mystery, and Crime Investigation shows. But, my all time favorite mystery genre:  A-keep-you-guessing-till-the-last-moment Whodunnit. If you're a fan of mystery television, then you know that many shows are formula based. Although entertaining, you know… Continue reading 5 Binge-Worthy Whodunit Television Series

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Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

A Bite-Sized Mystery   Mrs. Crocker baked a dozen cookies for her bridge party.  She called her boys into the kitchen.  As she arranged the cookies inside of the jar, she told the boys, "I'm going next door to visit Mrs.Smith. While I'm gone, don't touch the cookies."  To be on the safe side, Mrs.… Continue reading Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?