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13 Baking Essentials for your Fall Kitchen

It's hot outside. The trees are lush and green. But, the calendar says September, and that's enough to get me excited about Fall. Fall is my favorite. The colors, the weather, the food. It's the dip-it-in-chocolate, smother-it-in-caramel, and put-it-on-a-stick time of year. And, I love it. This year, I've put together a list of some… Continue reading 13 Baking Essentials for your Fall Kitchen


You’ve Been Tagged! Halloween Tag

October is the perfect month to get to know my fellow bloggers a bit better! So, consider yourself tagged for this fun Halloween survey. 🎃   What scent sets the holiday mood? Favorite Halloween Fun Size Candy Bar? Favorite Halloween movie? Favorite seasonal sweet? What toppings are on the perfect candy apple? What's your favorite… Continue reading You’ve Been Tagged! Halloween Tag

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Meet and Greet Recipe Exchange: Pumpkin

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Bakers!    We’re hosting another Meet and Greet Recipe Exchange!  You may be asking yourself, what's the point of participating in a Meet and Greet? Well, it's an opportunity to... Connect with other bloggers. Gain exposure for your blog. Increase your followers. Discover new blogs. And of course collect delicious recipes! Each… Continue reading Meet and Greet Recipe Exchange: Pumpkin