A Sweet Taste of Paris

My family and I recently had the pleasure to visit Paris. I could not travel to the city of lights, aka, the city of magical-sugary-concoctions, without a trip to Angelina's. I've been daydreaming about their infamous rich, thick hot chocolate and decadent sweet pastries forever. We arrived at Angelina's late in the afternoon. It would… Continue reading A Sweet Taste of Paris

Chocolate Humor

You put WHAT in my chocolate cake?

You want the best cake. The moistest cake. The healthiest cake. I get that. I really do. Bring out the chocolate flavor with a dash of espresso powder? Sure. I can handle that. How about adding a dollop of sour cream? Maybe. Make it moister with mayonnaise? That's where things cross the line for me.… Continue reading You put WHAT in my chocolate cake?

Chocolate Fun & Games

Quiz: What’s in Your Lunchbox?

Take this quiz to see what chocolate snack matches your school style. As a kid, one of my favorite parts of the school day was lunchtime...especially if there was a sweet chocolate snack tucked inside of my lunchbox. (If the Quiz doesn't automatically load, please click on the post's title). [os-widget path="/oreyoze/back-to-school" of="oreyoze"] What snack… Continue reading Quiz: What’s in Your Lunchbox?


What dessert are you making for Thanksgiving?

Decisions! Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I have yet to decide on what I'm making for dessert. So, I'm tempting myself with my options. Single layer? Lots of layers? Ice Cream? Or, Ice Cream Cake? Warm and dreamy? Cool and creamy? Chocolate fluffed? Chocolate stuffed? Chocolate covered? Chocolate Smothered?   After viewing… Continue reading What dessert are you making for Thanksgiving?


13 Chocolate Desserts to Add to your Foodie Bucket List

  Movie Theater Sundae photo Brownie, topped with popcorn flavored ice cream, peanut butter pretzels, and brown butter caramel. Where to find it:  The Stanton Social, NY   Cookie Shots photo The interior of the handmade cookie cup is slathered with Belgian chocolate, and then filled with a Madagascar vanilla or chocolate cream. Where to find it: The… Continue reading 13 Chocolate Desserts to Add to your Foodie Bucket List

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Smile and Say Cheese-Cake!

Girl Scout cookie season has come and gone. So what's a girl to do when she has an insatiable craving for the Samoa cookie?     What's a Samoa, you ask?  It's the cookie with- Sweet toasted Coconut,   Rich, decadent Chocolate,   And, chewy golden Caramel.     And when you combine all three flavors and… Continue reading Smile and Say Cheese-Cake!