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13 Chocolate Gifts for Father’s Day

Don't know what to get that special man in your life? Show Dad how sweet he is with one of these unique gifts on Father's Day. [os-widget path="/oreyoze/13-father-s-day-gifts-for-the-man-who-craves-chocolate" of="oreyoze" comments="false"]   Which chocolate one is your favorite? Share in the comment section below.


13 Trends in Ice Cream You Need to try this Summer

Looking for a delicious way to cool off this summer? We've scouted the globe for the latest and greatest in ice cream and frozen desserts, and we couldn't be more pleased. [os-widget path="/oreyoze/13-ice-cream-trends-you-need-to-try-summer-2018" of="oreyoze" comments="false"] Have you tried any of these frozen concoctions? If not, which ones are you most anxious to try? Please share… Continue reading 13 Trends in Ice Cream You Need to try this Summer

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Chocolate-Inspired Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

What Mom doesn't love chocolate? No matter what her taste, there's a chocolate gift to match her style. And while you're at it, pick out something sweet for yourself!😉 [os-widget path="/oreyoze/13-mother-s-day-gifts-for-the-chocoholic-mom" of="oreyoze" comments="false"]   Be sure to share your favorites in the comment section below!

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The Top 13 Chocolate Easter Basket Treats

In case the Easter Bunny is searching for some last minute chocolate inspiration, check out these thirteen treats, that won't disappoint. (P.S. You're going to need a bigger basket.) Reester Bunnies Because you just can't go wrong with a Reese's. And bonus points for the clever name. Caramel Robin Eggs by Marich Yes, you read… Continue reading The Top 13 Chocolate Easter Basket Treats

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The Best 13 Chocolate Cereals Ranked

National Cereal Day Flakes and Puffs, Krispies and Crunches, most of us can agree that there's just something satisfying about cereal.  The experience starts in the grocery store. As I wander down the cereal aisle, scouting the brightly colored boxes, flaunting teethy-grinned cartoon mascots and promises of magical prizes hiding inside, I can't help feeling… Continue reading The Best 13 Chocolate Cereals Ranked

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13 Tips for Baking the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tired of looking for the chocolate chip cookie of your dreams?   Confession:  I've met my share of chocolate chip cookies. Okay, since I'm confessing, I've met way more than my fair share. The problem is that the majority of them are just okay. They always seem to have an issue. Boring, Crummy, Dense, Or, just… Continue reading 13 Tips for Baking the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie


5 Binge-Worthy Whodunit Television Series

I'm always on the lookout for a captivating mystery television series. I've certainly watched my fair share of Thrillers, Police Procedural, Detective mystery, and Crime Investigation shows. But, my all time favorite mystery genre:  A-keep-you-guessing-till-the-last-moment Whodunnit. If you're a fan of mystery television, then you know that many shows are formula based. Although entertaining, you know… Continue reading 5 Binge-Worthy Whodunit Television Series