Cereal Killer

Hungry Hal was very hungry, but his cupboards were bare.  He went to the grocery store and found just the thing. Chocolate Chippy-O’s: Now with Chocolate Chippy Chunks, Chippy Oodle O’s, and a bonus Wacky Walnut Whistle. Hungry Hal studied the front of the box. Chocolate Chipper’s Chipmunk Cheeks were stuffed with cereal. And if Hal bought three boxes, he could send away for a free Chocolate Chipper Chipmunk. Hungry Hal couldn’t resist. He bought three boxes of Chocolate Chippy-O’s cereal, a quart of chocolate milk, and a banana.


Hungry Hal hurried home and huffed down his breakfast. Shortly after, Sad Susie came over and discovered that Hal had died. In the kitchen, she found a quart of chocolate milk, a banana peel, an empty box of cereal, two full boxes of cereal, and a butter knife.

Sad Susie was sure Hal had died accidentally. If only she had visited him earlier.


What happened to Hal?