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Chocolate and Cheese Pairings

  How does a chocoholic celebrate Cheese Day? It may seem like an odd couple, but cheese can actually be a delicious accompaniment to chocolate.   Way. If you find yourself feeling hungry and adventurous, give it a try! The basics of a Chocolate and Cheese Tasting: Smell the cheese chunk and chocolate before sampling.… Continue reading Chocolate and Cheese Pairings

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Smile and Say Cheese-Cake!

Girl Scout cookie season has come and gone. So what's a girl to do when she has an insatiable craving for the Samoa cookie?     What's a Samoa, you ask?  It's the cookie with- Sweet toasted Coconut,   Rich, decadent Chocolate,   And, chewy golden Caramel.     And when you combine all three flavors and… Continue reading Smile and Say Cheese-Cake!