Ida Sweet had won the Bakertown Bake-off for the past three years.  With her new recipe, Magical Millionaire Bars, she was sure to win her fourth blue ribbon.

As she drizzled the last of the warm caramel over the top of the bars, her baby began to cry.  Ida put the plate of bars on the kitchen window to cool. Then she grabbed a baby bottle out of the refrigerator. On the way to the nursery, she tripped over a toy truck, stumbled over a rubber bone, slipped on a roller skate, and fell over a tower of baby blocks. She picked herself up from the floor, delivered the bottle to the baby and covered her with a blanket. Then she went into the bathroom to clean and bandage her wounds from her fall.

When she returned to the kitchen, the plate holding the prize winning confections was empty!  All that was left were some crumbs.  The award-winning chocolatier shed chocolate tears.

She looked around the house.  The front door was locked.  She went down to the basement.  The outside basement door was locked too.  She went back to the kitchen.  The window was open. Mrs. Crocus, last year’s bake-off runner up, was watering her plants. baseball The Miller boys were playing catch.  Sarah Town was roller skating.  Ida Sweet closed the window, and that’s when she noticed, there was a baseball in her sink.

Who was responsible for Ida Sweet’s missing Magical Millionaire Bars?Answer.jpg