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Community Share- Bake & Take: Pies

 Hello Bakers! In honor of Pi Day, we're hosting our first official Bake & Take.  What is a Bake & Take? Step #1 Bake something scrumptious. This month: Pies Step #2 Take a photo of your masterpiece and link in the comment section.   Step #3 Sit back, while the foodie community salivates over your… Continue reading Community Share- Bake & Take: Pies

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The Best 13 Chocolate Cereals Ranked

National Cereal Day Flakes and Puffs, Krispies and Crunches, most of us can agree that there's just something satisfying about cereal.  The experience starts in the grocery store. As I wander down the cereal aisle, scouting the brightly colored boxes, flaunting teethy-grinned cartoon mascots and promises of magical prizes hiding inside, I can't help feeling… Continue reading The Best 13 Chocolate Cereals Ranked


This Valentine’s Day Ditch the Flowers, Buy Her Chocolate

Agatha Chocolats


Dear Cupid,

Those Valentine Roses are Going to Cost You…

Nope, the price of roses hasn’t risen this year. They will cost you the same astronomical inflated dollars they always have. You see, it’s not the damage to your wallet we’re talking about here, it’s the potential damage to your relationship. Those flowers you gift her on Valentine’s Day come with an underlying message. Get it wrong, and your relationship status will update to Loves Me Not.
Let me break it down.
What he thinks: This Valentine’s Day, I’m giving her flowers. I can’t go wrong here. It’s the gift that says I’m romantic.
What she thinks: Well that depends on a few things…

The Delivery
Did he send the flowers to your home?
What she thinks:  What’s the point, no one else will even see them. Is he embarrassed of me?
Did he send them…

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Tis the Season for a Chocolate Mystery🎁

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Just wanted to announce that Thirteen Chocolates is now available in paperback in the Amazon store.🍫 For a limited time, buy the paperback, and get the ebook for free. Great gift idea for someone on your list, ....or for yourself. (Personally, I'm always looking for an excuse to take a… Continue reading Tis the Season for a Chocolate Mystery🎁

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Suds or Duds? Chocolate Bath Gifts

It's no secret, I love chocolate. Some may even say I'm obsessed by it. But, do I want to bathe in it? All day long surrounded by the lingering scent of decadent chocolate, luring me into the bakery, the ice cream shop, the chocolate shop. Sounds simply aweful.  Buy it by the bar. Chocolate mint… Continue reading Suds or Duds? Chocolate Bath Gifts

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Hot or Not? S’mores Maker

We’re continuing our Christmas idea list with an interesting appliance. Item of the day: Nostalgia Electric S'mores Maker, sells for @$30 here on Amazon.   What could be better than roasting marshmallows over an open fire, er, heat source, in the comfort of your own home? No bugs. No flames. No hair full of campfire soot.  Personally, I… Continue reading Hot or Not? S’mores Maker


Yea or Nay? Chocolate Infused Balsamic Vinegar

We're continuing our Christmas idea list with a unique chocolate find. Item of the day: Chocolate Infused Balsamic Vinegar from Italy, sells for @$20 here on Amazon.   I'm guessing today's item is going to be cut and dry. Either it sounds delightful, or it sounds downright disgusting. Either way, let me know your thoughts in the comment section… Continue reading Yea or Nay? Chocolate Infused Balsamic Vinegar


Free Book TODAY- Reviewers Wanted😊

✏️Diary of a writer: Dream, write, rewrite, sleep, can't sleep, edit, scratch everything, rewrite, repeat. The process of writing a novel can take months, or in my case, years.😐 So, in that time, irrational expectations may have grown.   Expectations of a published writer: Reality of a published writer:   Lol! Perhaps, a bit of… Continue reading Free Book TODAY- Reviewers Wanted😊

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Wrap it or Trash it? Instant Ice Cream Maker

We're continuing our Christmas idea list with this sweet culinary find. Item of the day: Chef n' Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker, sells for @$44  here on Amazon. According to the item description, you simply freeze the bowl a day ahead of time, add ice cream ingredients and stir, and presto, homemade ice cream.… Continue reading Wrap it or Trash it? Instant Ice Cream Maker