13 Health Boosts of Chocolate


If you’re a chocoholic, I’m sure you’ve heard some sweet buzz lately. That’s because more and more studies are finding the health secrets of chocolate consumption. 

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. It doesn’t fall under the more you eat, the more healthier youll be category. And some forms of chocolate possess more benefits than others. But heck, we’re learning that eating chocolate is actually good for us. How can we not be happy about that?

So, what kind of chocolate are we talking about here? Generally, the darker the chocolate, the higher the benefits. better. This is because dark chocolate contains more cocoa solids, thus more of the “good stuff”, and additionally has less sugar. A good number to shoot for is over 66%.

If you’re typically not a fan of dark chocolate, start with a lower percent first, and gradually work your way up. Chances are you will start to enjoy the taste more and more overtime, and eventually will find milk chocolate too sweet. (Not that I don’t consume my fair share of both types.)

And now for the pdomised list. Keeep in mind this list is not exhaustive, its just the beginning.

13 Things Chocolate Can do for You

Boosts brain power. Because chocolate increases blood flow to the brain, it provides a plathora of benefits. According to Be Brain Fit it aids in problem solving, focus, learning, and concentration. Next time youre taking a test, you may want to have a chocolate bar on hand.


Chockfull of antioxidants. Chocolate is full of, flavanols, Making it a superfood possible of fighting cancer. According to National Cancer Research Society, indulging in 2-4 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa a day can help reap the benefits


It lowers your cholesterol, reduces risk of stroke Okay, I know what

Reduces Stress. Amoung, list of minerals, Magnesium

Aides weight loss, lower body mass index. An extra benefit, dark chocolate can curb your food cravings.



Benefits to Pregnancy. Aides in fetal groth. And as already mentioned lowers blood pressure, making it against preeclempsia.

Lowers risk of cardivascular disease. Improves blood flow,

Read more at NPR


Fights memory loss. Okay, I know what

It protects your skin. When I was a teenager, it was a popular myth that eating chocolate would cause acne. 


Improves vision. Okay, I know whatü


It’s good for your teeth. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, I’m pushing it now. But, studies say different. Turns out, dark chocolate can actually fight tooth decay…better than flouride. You can checkout full article here by AskTheDentist.com


Supress cough. Chocolate to calm a cough? Believe it or not, a study, reported by DailyMail, found chcolate based cough medicines to be an effective and even quicker remedy for a stubborn cough. A person may even get some relief from sucking on a square of chocolate. Contrarly, hot cocoa wasnt found beneficial.


It boosts your mood. I dont need a study for this one. I can vouch for this one. If we want to get technical, its thanks to its phenylethylamine , the same chemical our brain releases when falling in love. I get that.



Good news: Dark chocolate has been promoted to a superfood.

Bad news: You only need to eat @1 ounce a day to reap most of the benefits.

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