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QUIZ: Can you guess these movies from emoji clues?


Think you know movies? Try figuring out these movie titles based on the following sets of emojis. Hint: They all have something to do with food.
(If the Quiz doesn’t automatically load, please click the post title).

[onionbuzz quizid=10][/oniotnbuzz]

What’s your favorite movie food scene of all time?
(I’m going with Matilda, and that gorgeous box of forbidden chocolates).

8 thoughts on “QUIZ: Can you guess these movies from emoji clues?”

  1. This is fun! My favorite food movies are ones where I see a character has a full plate of food, then something happens, and the character doesn’t eat it. I always wonder what happened to all that great food on the set. Examples: In the movie Nine Months, Julianne Moore is pregnant and about to eat a full plate of pancakes, but is rushed away. Another example: 27 Dresses. Katherine Heigel is about to eat a full plate of eggs, toast and bacon breakfast, but gets made and leave the Diner.


    1. lol I’m the one yelling at the screen, “But, the pancakes…you forgot to eat the pancakes!”


    1. Well done!😉 Thanks for pointing out the error…Notice I got the “Eat” part right? Lol (I’ve made the correction).


  2. Jurassic Park has a scene when the boy and girl come upon a table with assorted foods. They sit down. The little girl eats jello which begins to shake. The dinosaurs have come so the boy and girl must leave all of the delicious food behind.❤❤❤❤ oh well.


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