Chocolate Humor

Confessions of a Chocoholic-at the Movies


Chocoholics have every day struggles. Believe it or not, even a simple trip to the movie theater can have its challenges.



You spend your paycheck at concession counter.


You find a comfortable seat, but need to get your snacks organized.



During the previews, you politely nibble on your popcorn, and wait patiently to dig into your candy stash.


Once the lights go out, you go for it. Only you can’t get the package open.



And every little sound of the wrapper echoes through the theater.



You get the dreaded shush.



Is he talking to me?



You finally settle in and start enjoying yourself.



And your favorite part comes on.



And then the unthinkable happens. What you think is a Goober, turns out to be a Raisinet.



You need to wash it down. Quick.



Only now you have to go. Bad.



You take a detour by the concession stand and return to your seat, with a new box of chocolate, and enjoy..until the movies over…and the lights come on. And you’re busted.



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